Just driving away from the airport we’ve been awestruck by the beauty of this place. Looking out the car window we see prayer flags, burley dogs, and intricately decorated buildings. This is going to be fun.
— 9/26/07


We’ve been driving all day on narrow winding roads - past cliffs and rushing creeks tumbling through steep side canyons. We saw MONKEYS! A big troop of White Langurs crossed the road right next to our car.
— 9/29/07


Bumthang valley is amazing. It’s like an ecological paradise with forested hills gently sloping down to a peaceful valley and an untamed river. It’s been a gorgeous day. The air smells fresh - like flowers. We’re just drinking it all in and wearing huge smiles the whole time.
— 9/30/07


We were really lucky to visit in late September - after the monsoon, and before high season. We’ve often been the only foreigners at tourist sites, even here in the capital city of Thimpu.
— 10/4/07

Druk Path Trek

So far, we’ve been socked-in by clouds at every viewpoint. However, this morning we got up early and climbed up to see our first good view of the Himalayas. Later in the day, we climbed to the highest point of the trip at 13,780 ft and saw Mount Jhomolhari.
— 10/7/07

Ha Valley

The Ha Valley is home to a joint Indian / Bhutanese army base. It’s also a conduit for dry goods smuggled in from China. Luckily, we’re here during the Imtrat Mela, a huge military exposition. We chowed down on Indian food and were entertained by paratroopers and motorcycle acrobats.
— 10/11/07