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By Peter Mitchell

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HEY THERE... In this photo I am underwater in Pangandaran, Indonesia at a place called green canyon. I hope you will like the following web pages about a three week trip through Java and Bali that I took in August and September of 1997.

This fellow helped me practice some Indonesian phrases on the plane from Singapore to Jakarta. He was really nice.

Outside of Bandung is an active volcano called "Papandayan." We paid a few long haired guides to take us to the steaming sulfur pools there. The place was really wild! Some of the people on our trip painted their faces with the sulfurous paste that flowed from the earth.

At the beach town of Pangandaran we stayed in a cute little hut in "Delta Gekko Village." The place had a real communal feel to it. Dinner was served for all of the guests each night at eight and they had a pet bat.

One of the really nice things about Delta Gekko is that they let you borrow bikes for free. You can also rent a motorbike for really cheap. Probably our best day was spent riding bikes around this beautiful part of Indonesia. We were very fortunate to come across a Sudanese wedding in full swing. It was an absolutely magical experience as the locals welcomed us and offered us food and tea


The main regional attraction of this area is Green Canyon, a deep jungle canyon where you can swim and scrambled over rocks and waterfalls. Really fun and refreshing.

In Indonesia there is no concept of "full"

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